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Back-to-School Basics: Some Elementary Marketing Ideas

Nights are getting cooler, days are getting shorter and kids are getting more restless lounging at home. That can only mean one thing. It must be August, and it’s time for school to start.

Companies everywhere are looking for innovative ways to connect autumn with next quarter’s marketing plans. Need some jumping off points? We’ve got few to help get you started.

Send Your Brand to School
Unless your company sells school supplies or clothes, you can’t directly market as a “back-to-school essentials”. But there are still alot of great ways to market your services this back-to-school season.

Health clinics might advertise school immunizations or school sports physicals. A printer could market to schools to get updated banners posted for sports and student council activities. A hair salong could advertise back-to-school haircuts & styles. And for the college bound... a cleaning service could advertise “student packs” for new college students who’ll be tidying their rooms without their parents’ help for the first time.

Go for the Gold Star!
Typically parents purchase school items for kids (especially elementary and middle school). Keep parents in mind as your target audience when marketing back to school services. And with the kids returning to school that means parents will have more time for their own activities.

A gym or health club could advertise specials during school hours for parents to enjoy. Salons or Massage therapists could offer celebratory deals for “they’ve-gone-back-to-school” appointments. Restaurants could offer updated menus for those now child-free lunch dates.

Get those shiny Red Apples
Offer specials for teachers. Often time teachers don’t get enough credit for the wonderful jobs they do educating our children, so offer them some nice perks. Special deals available to teacher only, a free dessert for teachers during the first month of school or an exclusive teachers-only discount card.

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