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Give "Mom and Pop Businesses" Some Love

To the many who followed their dream, we salute you. For days on end, you rise before the sun and continue through the burn of the midnight oil. You play a vital role in the US economy and yet you just don’t get the recognition you deserve. But on March 29, we celebrate "National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day". And because there is never enough time to work on absolutely everything in your business, we’re offering three marketing tips that you can do in your sleep—or at least take less of your time to do them.

Be Found Online
Google tells us that 97% of consumers look to a web search to find local businesses. With no cost to you and less than an hour of your time, your customers can find you online if you set up your Google Places account. It’s as easy as updating your address, hours and phone number and adding a few photos to help you stand out. It should help to get your business closer to the top of the search when your prospects search for, “plumber, city, state,” unless of course you’re not a plumber. LOL

Leave Your Business Card
It sounds simple, but so many small business owners overlook a basic necessity of doing business. Get to a printing company and order some business cards. Then, have them with you at all times. You never know when you’ll run into a potential customer or want to leave one in a conspicuous place for an unsuspecting customer to find.

Ask For Referrals
Again, look to the basics. You interact with your customers, right? Well give them the best service they can receive. Ask your customers if they’ve appreciated your service. If they say yes, ask if they know of anyone else that can benefit from your business. And if they are satisfied, surely they won't hesitate to recommend your services. It may feel like you’re begging at first, but if it becomes a routine with every transaction, you should have more business in no time. Oh, and that’s where those handy business cards can come into play.

So as we celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day this Friday the 29th, we encourage you all to go out and support a local business this week, and everyday.

For business cards and/or to support a local business contact Printech! We thank you for your support & look forward to working with you!

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